At The Upcycle Bandwagon I turn the old back into new. I started Upcycle because I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the shops. It either didn’t seem to exist or the pieces I did like were just too expensive.

And since we’d just had Molly (who’s now six) and bought our first home, paying a lot for furniture was out of the question. So I began with a simple coffee table and used my imagination and The Upcycle Bandwagon was born!

These days I find my inspiration everywhere. My furniture, however, I find at op shops, secondhand stores and the local tip. For me, that’s the whole point – unearthing beauty through recycling and recreating while doing a little good for the world our children will inherit. It’s fun and saves you money so look around before buying new things. Upcycle what you have, head to your local charity shop or, even better, find something beautifully reloved at The Upcycle Bandwagon.

Happy upcycling!

Stacey ♥